Roadmap to 50x50: Power and Parity in Women’s Leadership

Special talk by Gwen K. Young, Distinguished Fellow at the Women in Public Service Project at the Wilson Center

Where are women in governments around the world? How much power do they hold? How did they get to their positions of leadership?

The Global Women's Leadership Initiative Index is the first-of-its-kind tool that harnesses the power of data to answer these three key questions, providing a multi-dimensional snapshot of women's public service leadership in 75 countries across the globe.

Join Gwen K. Young, Managing Director of the Global Emergency Response Coalition and Distinguished Fellow at the Wilson Center's Women in Public Service Project, for a discussion of the index, key findings and trends in women’s leadership in the public sector.

Moderating this program is Elizabeth McKay, CPD's Public Diplomat in Residence and Senior Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State.

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Refreshments will be served.

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