Guidelines for Submission to the CPD Blog:

  • Submissions to the CPD Blog MUST be clearly relevant to public diplomacy and should not exceed 1,000 words in length, or in the case of a photo essay, should not include more than five photos. Exceptions may be made at the CPD Blog Manager's discretion.

  • Bloggers should provide a short title and word tags for their blog posts, i.e. “United States,” “Gastrodiplomacy,” “International Broadcasting,” etc.

  • Bloggers should identify all sources and provide links to them whenever available. Please do not include an academic-style list of citations, as the blog is a relatively informal platform. All direct quotes must include a link to the source or a description of how the author obtained the quote (e.g., personal interview).

  • Do not embed graphics in the text; they must be sent as separate, high-resolution (at least 785px x 482px, no greater than 2 MB) files, clearly labeled. Authors must have legal rights to all photos and other graphics and attribution must be included. Otherwise, a representative copyright-free image will be selected at the discretion of the CPD Blog Manager.

  • If you are a first time blogger with CPD, please include a brief bio and a high-resolution photo of yourself along with your submission. Included in your submission, please declare any connections or affiliations that may have bearing on your blog.

  • Submissions are subject to review and editing by CPD’s editorial staff. Authors may be asked to revise or copy edit before publication. CPD reserves the right to determine what is unacceptable content or format on a case-by-case basis.

  • Once a blog post is published, no substantive changes will be made to the text. 

  • Should a blogger re-post their CPD Blog elsewhere, we ask that you please include proper attribution and a link to the original blog on our website.

Please send submissions to CPD Editor & Publications Coordinator, Lisa Rau, at An initial response can be expected from CPD typically within 2 business days of submission.