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With the ever-growing influence of social media on our day-to-day lives, it is not surprising that world leaders have made it an important part of their engagement with the public. Pope Francis issues tweets in nine different languages, while President Trump ranks at the top of world leaders in terms of engagement. But what does this mean for diplomacy? How do these new ways of getting out a message translate to changes in our world?

Fans with Vuvuzelas

A new article explores how South Africa’s soft power is undermined by domestic issues such as racial tension and poverty.

Selfie with Smartphone

A new article by Ilan Manor looks at the U.S. State Department's attempts at branding America.

Antique Study

The complete archive of The Foreign Service Journal is now available online.

F1 Help Button

A new report from the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy examines how digital technology has changed the face of PD.

The State Department’s Office of American Spaces has released its 2016 Annual Report, citing an 11% increase in the number of visits.

Clingendael's Jan Melissen and Emillie de Keulenaar on the urgency of going digital.

NTC Fighters Claim Bani Walid

Can Twitter be a game changer for rebel groups?