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The Public Diplocast is hosted by CPD Student Fellow Madison Jones from USC's Master of Public Diplomacy program. The podcast series features long-form interviews with public diplomacy scholars and thought-leaders covering PD basics as well as current issues in the field such as countering violent extremism.

Episode 3: On Countering Violent Extremism & Engaging Communities

In Episode 3, Jones speaks with noted Homeland Security expert and USC Professor, Dr. Erroll Southers. Southers discusses the role of countering violent extremism in public diplomacy, how communities are working to address radicalization, and the role of information-sharing for counterterrorism.

Episode 2: Religion, Diversity & Global Understanding

In Episode 2, Jones speaks with religious scholar and USC Dean of Religious Life, Varun Soni, to discuss religion, tolerance, faith diplomacy and interfaith dialogue.

Episode 1: On Being a Good Neighbor, Globally

In Episode 1, Jones speaks with noted scholar and CPD Faculty Fellow, Nicholas J. Cull on his definitions of the term "Public Diplomacy," globalization, goals for the field and more. 

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