Sneak Peek in 360: Japan House LA

In December, the Japanese Foreign Ministry soft-launched Japan House Los Angeles, a cultural institution surrounded by stars at the famous Hollywood & Highland landmark. This is the world's third Japan House, with the two others in London and São Paolo.

Currently, the public can explore the second floor, which holds a Japanese goods shop and art gallery. During summer 2018, Japan House Los Angeles will fully open a new floor with a 659-square-foot library, a salon for gatherings and a Japanese restaurant.

The cultural showcase "aims to nurture a deeper understanding and appreciation of Japan in the international community, by creating a number of hubs from which to showcase and communicate Japan as a country of countless charms, able to enrich the rest of the world," according to the Japan House project vision statement.

Highlighting Japanese art, cuisine, design, entertainment, fashion, technology and more from Japan, the space caters to tourists from around the world who visit Los Angeles' iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame and Hollywood & Highlands many attractions.

To give you a taste, CPD 360 is pleased to share a sneak peek of what it's like to be one of the first viewers to attend this tourist-friendly space for public diplomacy.

Let's head inside:

(Tip: Click and drag to view in all directions. Click red icons to learn more.)

Hollywood & Highland

The Shop

As you walk through the doors of Japan House Los Angeles, soak in the many interesting, non-traditional Japanese-made and -designed pieces, from home goods to fine art. 

The Gallery

After browsing different idiosyncratic products like plastic flower vases to a variety of matcha tea accessories, it's time to visit the interactive gallery space. Gallery exhibitions rotate throughout the year.

Today's featured gallery pieces are part of world-renowned fashion designer and artist Kunihiko Morinaga's "Anrealage: A Light Un Light" fashion collection.

As we leave the gallery space, it is important to remember the world-famous location where Japan House Los Angeles lives. This spot was chosen to increase engagement with both local Angelenos and visiting tourists from domestic and international origins. 

We hope you enjoyed a first viewing of the Japan House Los Angeles.

Please share your thoughts on the cultural diplomacy and soft power of this unique cultural space nestled in one of Los Angeles' most visited spots with the hashtag #CPD360.

Produced by Kerry Velez (CPD Student Fellow, MPD '19).



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