August 8, 2017

A Chinese production of Macbeth is being performed this week at the Edinburgh Festival, with the male/female roles having been reversed and ‘Lady Ma’ playing the protagonist. Incorporating martial arts and elements of Chinese theatre, this artistic merging of song and dance combines Chinese and Western drama through Cantonese opera.

The anniversary of Shakespeare’s death is now over, but officially inspired adulation of Tang carries on. [...] Officials want to cultivate pride in Chinese literature, and boost foreign awareness of it. It is part of what they like to call China’s “soft power”.

The British Council has unveiled a series of cultural and educational programs aimed at promoting its 'Year of Culture' to be observed across India and UK in 2017. These will include student scholarships, partnerships between Indian and British universities and a roadshow on Shakespeare - the most enduring literary and cultural icon that unites the two countries.

Despite the political dissimilarities between the UK and Russia, both the countries are now coming together to ensure a meaningful cultural relationship between them, by jointly celebrating their literary works. The British Council in Russia, which leads the UK's Year of Language and Literature 2016, have been discussing the influence of Shakespeare's works on the global culture, including that of Russia.

A sold-out tour of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” ended in Beijing last week. Meanwhile, a Chinese publishing house has nearly finished translating Shakespeare’s works into Mandarin – both signs of the English playwright's surging popularity in China.  

The Indian Council of Cultural Relations, which has brought the play to India, said in a statement: "The Afghan actors in the play are hoping to redefine Shakespeare - and public perception about theatre in Afghanistan by performing the play."

An Iraqi adaption of Shakespeare's famous love story opens at the playwright's home town of Stratford-upon-Avon tonight, marking the European premiere of "Romeo and Juliet in Baghdad," according to the World Shakespeare Festival.

The British-American Business Council, Chicago (BABCC) recognizes corporations and/or individuals who have made significant contributions to furthering trade, commerce, civic, philanthropic and cultural relations between the UK and US with its annual British Consul General Award.